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We're not in the industry...We're from the industry! 

We take an operationalist along with an environmentalist approach. 


We understand electronic recycling from the inside out.


We work with companies of all sizes.  We have extensive experience working with OEMs and our systems are designed not only to get you certified to the standards but also to place you in a position to meet OEM disposition requirements.


We've partnered with Reliant EHS to offer you compliance software built for the e-Waste industry that helps you reduce the time required to maintain compliance with document management, monitoring, industry requirements, and more.

About transcendent

Transcendent is a compliance management consulting group that works with any person or entity that is uses, collects, sells, or processes electronic devices.  This includes but is not limited to recycling companies, original equipment manufacturers, retail stores, cities/communities, school districts, and/or universities.  We work with clients to obtain and maintain industry certifications.  We also have the expertise to help our clients improve operational processes, find viable methods to maximize value, and recycle material in an environmentally responsible manner.


Our commitment is simple.  We bridge the gap between big ideas and execution to help you control costs, manage risk and achieve profitable growth. From strategy development to implementation, we deliver solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage.  Our commitment to continuous improvement results in the identification of gaps and ultimately contributes to increased revenue over time.



Our services

  • ISO Certifications (AS9100,9001,14001,27001,45001)

  • Electronic Recycling Certifications

  • National Association of Information Destruction Certification (NAID)

  • Compliance After Certification Program

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEMs) Audits

  • Downstream Tracking & Compliance

  • Internal Auditing

  • Independent Data Sanitization Audits

  • Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Business Development

  • Compliance Management Software

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