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At Transcendent, our unique edge comes from being deeply rooted in the industry we serve. We're not just participants; we're seasoned insiders. Our approach blends operational expertise with a strong environmentalist ethos, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the electronic recycling sector from the inside out.

This dual perspective allows us to offer solutions that are both operationally sound and environmentally responsible. Our team, with hands-on experience in the field, understands the intricacies of electronic recycling. We're familiar with the day-to-day challenges, the evolving technological landscape, and the stringent environmental regulations that govern the industry.

Our in-depth knowledge goes beyond theoretical concepts; it's grounded in real-world experience. This ensures that our strategies and recommendations are not only effective but also practically implementable, aligning perfectly with the operational realities and sustainability goals of your business.

With Transcendent, you're not just getting a consultant; you're gaining a partner who speaks your language, shares your concerns, and is committed to achieving success in the most efficient and environmentally responsible manner possible.


At Transcendent, our expertise extends to partnering with companies of various scales, from small businesses to large enterprises. Our extensive experience in collaborating with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) equips us with a unique understanding of their specific needs and expectations. Our systems and services are meticulously crafted, going beyond merely helping you achieve certification to the relevant standards. We aim to strategically position your organization to meet and excel in OEM disposition requirements.

This dual-focused approach ensures that while you attain compliance with standards such as R2, eStewards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and others, you are also perfectly aligned with the operational and environmental standards expected by OEMs. Whether you're looking to enhance your current practices or to develop new systems from the ground up, our expertise and tailored solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your specific business objectives and the demanding requirements of OEMs.

In essence, our collaboration with your company is more than just a pathway to certification; it's a step towards elevating your operational standards and fulfilling the stringent criteria set by industry leaders and OEMs. With Transcendent, you gain a partner committed to ensuring your success in all aspects of certification and beyond.


Transcendent is proud to announce our partnership with Reliant EHS, a move that significantly enhances our service offerings with a cutting-edge compliance software tailored for the e-Waste industry. This collaboration is all about bringing you a tool that is specifically designed to streamline and simplify the complex process of maintaining compliance in your sector.

Our joint effort with Reliant EHS results in a platform that significantly reduces the time and effort required to manage various compliance aspects. This software excels in document management, enabling you to organize, store, and access all your crucial compliance documents in a centralized, user-friendly system. It also offers robust monitoring capabilities, ensuring that you stay on top of your compliance status in real-time.

Moreover, this software is finely tuned to the specific requirements of the e-Waste industry. It keeps you updated with the latest industry standards and regulatory changes, ensuring that your business remains ahead of the curve in compliance matters. The tool is designed not just for compliance but for efficiency, allowing you to focus more on your core business operations and less on the intricacies of compliance management.

This partnership between Transcendent and Reliant EHS is a testament to our commitment to provide our clients with innovative, industry-specific solutions that address the unique challenges of the e-Waste sector. With this compliance software, we are excited to help you streamline your processes, ensuring that maintaining compliance is no longer a cumbersome task but a seamless part of your business operations.

About transcendent

Transcendent is a compliance management consulting group that works with any person or entity that is uses, collects, sells, or processes electronic devices.  This includes but is not limited to recycling companies, original equipment manufacturers, retail stores, cities/communities, school districts, and/or universities.  We work with clients to obtain and maintain industry certifications.  We also have the expertise to help our clients improve operational processes, find viable methods to maximize value, and recycle material in an environmentally responsible manner.


Our commitment is simple.  We bridge the gap between big ideas and execution to help you control costs, manage risk and achieve profitable growth. From strategy development to implementation, we deliver solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage.  Our commitment to continuous improvement results in the identification of gaps and ultimately contributes to increased revenue over time.



Our services

  • ISO Certifications (AS9100,9001,14001,27001,45001)

  • Electronic Recycling Certifications

  • National Association of Information Destruction Certification (NAID)

  • Compliance After Certification Program

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEMs) Audits

  • Downstream Tracking & Compliance

  • Internal Auditing

  • Independent Data Sanitization Audits

  • Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Business Development

  • Compliance Management Software

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